Our Guest Bedroom / My love affair with copper/rose gold!


One of the best parts about moving into a new house has definitely been having more SPACE! I love it. Our new house has one more bedroom than our last did, so as soon as we started planning to move I started planning for a guest bedroom.

If you know me, you might know how weird I am. (“And if you don’t know, now you know”Christopher Wallace, AKA Biggie Smalls). I had planned out exactly what was going in every corner of the house – based on my 5 minute viewing of the house before we applied for it. The same goes for the spare room – but I remember it being a lot smaller! Hence the single bed. I toss and turn and night (that’s a lie) thinking that we could have fit a double bed in that space, but by the time I figured that out, I’d already bought a single bed and all the bedding. Ahh well. At least the single bed leaves so much room for activities.


I’m a lost cause, having wandered down the path of addiction. Addiction to rose gold and copper. Kmart is my enabler. If you’re a big fan of K-to-the-mart like I am, you’ve probably seen the various copper decor pieces they’re stocking. If you’re a really big fan, like I am, this is Stan, you’ll know that a lot of these pieces are super hard to get your paws on – always selling out. This room has pretty much become a museum of all the copper + rose gold pieces I looked for so many times, before finally finding them. Woe betide anyone who ever suggests I change up the colour scheme in the future. Not an option.

love white bedding, and felt it would really make the metallic accents in the room pop (whenever I read the word pop in my head I SHOUT IT. POP!). I think the taupe accents add a bit of warmth, too – especially because they literally are made of fluff and fluff is warm. It’s science.

So without further ado, here’s a full product list!

IMG_6350     IMG_6349

  • The bed frame (and mattress) are from The Warehouse, and not sorry for bragging because I assembled it ALL BY MYSELF. The instructions told me I needed 2 people and at least 2m by 2m of clear space. I had one person and not that much space. I called the instructions Jon Snow because they knew nothing. I also got them both half-price. I deserved this brag.
  • The quilt, pillows, sheets and dot cushions are all from Kmart. I originally bought the pink cushion, although I wanted the white one instead but they didn’t have it in stock. Until last weekend. Now I have both, and I can’t bring myself to banish the pink off the bed because it was there first. I need help.
  • The throw at the end of the bed and the cream cushion are from The Warehouse, and they up the room’s fluff quota significantly. Fluff is important.
  • The white fluffy rug on the ground is from Kmart and whenever anyone walks on it I get heart palpitations because have you tried cleaning a white fluffy rug? I still love it though.
  • The side table is a barstool from Kmart.
  • On the side table is the Copper Geometric Candle Holder from Kmart, that is never in stock. So naturally, when I saw these fully stocked at my local store, I bought four. As you do. Because that’s normal. I’m contemplating doing a giveaway of one of these on here soon – what do you think? If you’re keen, let me know in the comments!
  • My little boxer dog with a crown guarding the side table is from The Warehouse. Isn’t he cute?
  • The copper lantern and pink ceramic vases on the windowsill are both from The Warehouse.
  • The laughter print on the wall is from Kmart. Photos don’t do it justice but the lettering is metallic copper.


  • The ladder shelves are from Kmart and I wasn’t sure about putting them in here, I originally just wanted white furniture. These were from our old house and I nearly gave them away, but figured, eh, the spare room has black curtains. ‘Spose it can have black shelves too. (obviously some highly technical design theory at work here).
  • The copper clock is from Kmart. I’m considering moving it into my kitchen which also has a copper and white theme – keep an eye out for that in a future post!
  • The tealight holders are from The Warehouse. I’m obsessed with the colour!
  • The Japanese doll is probably one of my most precious posessions. She’s a Hakata doll that my mum bought for me when we both went on an exchange trip to Fukuoka for my school in 2004. Even age the age of 12 I was a cat freak, as you can probably guess, by my mum’s choice. Fun fact, I used to know Japanese (loosely) back then, and so I called her Yubina, which translates to elegant.


  • The copper basket is from Kmart, and I was so excited to finally find it in stock that I nearly repeated what I did with the copper candle holder, and bought multiple. But I didn’t. So much self-control. I’m proud.
  • On the wall is the most expensive piece of decor in the whole house. So I gave it its own wall. It’s a business degree, or something like that. I find it’s really great to curl up in front of, rocking in the foetal position, whenever I get the annual letter with my student loan balance.

Another room down! Hope you enjoyed this post, and found some inspiration if you’re looking to decorate your own space. I didn’t realise until writing this that literally 99% of the things in here are from Kmart or The Warehouse. But hopefully this just proves that you really don’t need to spend a lot to make a space that you love! Just like you don’t have to buy four of the same item, just because it’s the first time you’ve seen the item in stock. Ahem. Next time, if all goes well, I’ll have our finished dining area to show you!

What do you think of our guest room? Do you have any weaknesses, like copper is for me? I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments! 

Confessions of a Kmart-addict / my little nest

At the risk of sounding like a tv show host, hello, and welcome! Thank you for coming here to read my first ever words on this here blog.

My partner and I recently moved into a new house, with beautiful open spaces and lots of light. The big move inspired me to give our furniture and home decor an update – cue lots of trips to Kmart and The Warehouse, and a lot of flat-pack furniture assembly. Because I’ve had lots of lovely people commenting on our decor and asking where I got things, I thought I’d share in detail how I’ve decorated our new place. It’ll be room-by-room, mainly because there are stiiiiill boxes to unpack and I’m still putting finishing touches on some parts of the house. (I’m sorry but if you move house and don’t still have at least one box hiding in a cupboard three months later that still needs unpacking, you’re probably lying).

Because it’s probably my favourite room (and the only room I’m actually finished decorating) I thought I’d show you our lounge today – or at least half of it! It’s a lot bigger than I remember it being when I first saw our house, and so half of it is still pretty empty (because I forgot it existed and didn’t buy any furniture for it..heh..). We’re on the lookout for the perfect dining table, and once we find it, I’ll be turning the other half into a dining area.


I love how light and airy the lounge is, owing to the high ceilings! We already had the lounge suite and blue cushions at our old house, but the rest of the furniture was dark. I thought the new lounge really needed light furniture, hence all the white! Kept the rest of the colours nice and fresh too – with blues, and hints of green. It’s made such a peaceful space to sit and relax in, watching the trees outside. I can’t wait ’til warmer weather when I keep the ranch slider open leading to the deck outside. Indoor-outdoor flow is gonna be on point. 😉

Now for what you’re probably wanting to know, if you’ve seen something you like!

  • The lounge suite was from PK Furniture, a few years ago. It’s NZ-made and when I moved out of my mum’s house, it didn’t fit down the narrow staircase. So we had to drop it off the deck and hope for the best. 2 stories. Onto concrete. There were tears. I stood there, dangling the couch over the balcony, calling out ‘MUUUUUM I’M SCARED’ and she was in the driveway calling back ‘It’s okay! You don’t have to do this! You can just leave the couches here and we can buy you new ones!’ It was very dramatic. But then I did it. IT SURVIVED, pretty much unscathed. Buy NZ Made!!! Seriously.
  • The rug was from The Warehouse, and it is the most divine thing that your toes will ever feel. So soft!
  • The knitted ottoman is also a Warehouse find! I love the funky green.
  • The nesting coffee tables… also The Warehouse. Are you sensing a theme? Kmart also have similar ones that are smaller and cost less.
  • The cushions on the three-seater couch are from The Warehouse, and the cushion on the smaller couch is from Kmart. (Huzzah! Variety!!)
  • The throw is a mohair throw from Kmart. So nice to curl up with in front of TV!
  • The TV cabinet is from a seller on Trade Me called emax.co. (For any readers outside NZ, Trade Me is like New Zealand’s version of eBay.)
  • The TV? We saw it fall off the back of a truck, and picked it up, plugged it in, gave it a kick and it worked. The picture displays upside down, but it’s easy to get used to if you sit upside down on the couch. I’m kidding. I got it crazy cheap from Harvey Norman in their Black Friday sales last year.

2015-07-24 17.45.52

  • The plant in the geometric pot is from Kmart.
  • The little fox geometric candle is from The Warehouse – way too cute to burn!
  • The white wolf figurine is a Pop action figure, of Ghost from Game of Thrones. I got it from Armageddon in Auckland last year but I know you can buy them online too.
  • The skull decanter is from Aliexpress but I’ve seem them at places like Look Sharp too.
  • The mini terrarium is from Typo. I can’t wait to make my own – keep an eye out for that in a future post!
  • The noughts and crosses set is from Kmart.
  • The lava lamp is from Mitre 10 Mega.

2015-07-24 17.47.54 2015-07-24 17.49.27

  • The turquoise basket is from Kmart, as is the fox pillowcase! Which may or may not have been from the kids section, and is one of my favourite purchases ever.
  • The ‘Get Up, Hug Cat…’ cushion is from lookhuman.com and has sadly been retired! I love their website though, and am planning to order some more witty cat-related things from there soon.
  • The mini succulent garden is from Kmart. I love Kmart for artificial plants! They look so realistic – my friends were over last night and commented on how real it looks. I’m looking for real plants to have inside, but on the coffee table where little naughty kittens like to climb, it’s safer to have something un-spillable and un-killable.
  • The silver tray is from Kmart, and I also have a matching bowl. I love serving snacks to guests in the *matching* bowl, it really makes me feel like I have my life together. Ah, matchingness.
  • My Ser Pounce poster (another Game of Thrones reference hehehe) is from lookhuman.com
  • The white ceramic star thingy whatsits are from The Warehouse! I think they might be my favourite ornament in the room.

That’s it! Our lounge. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and thanks for reading this far! Bonus points if you spotted the Ellie monster, my little grey kitten (who you will hear a whooooole lot more about). Please bear with me while I learn how to do this thing where you put words together and call it a blog. Next I’ll be showing off the spare bedroom!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts! On this room, on the blog so far, on your day, on politics (no, not really, please not politics). I’m currently searching for an epic piece of artwork to go where my Ser Pounce poster is! Something that really does justice to the massive wall space, possibly in shades of blue and green. I’ve been eyeing up a few prints on Society6 but haven’t decided. I’d be stoked to hear your ideas – please leave them down below in ze comments!