Are you kitten me? Auckland finally has a cat cafe!


It’s not something I’ve talked about a lot on here, but you may have guessed – especially from the name – that I am a certified crazy cat lady!

So you can imagine my excitement when I found out earlier this year that two clever people, Mike and Vicky, had plans to open Auckland’s (and New Zealand’s) first cat cafe! After months of hard work, The Cat Lounge opened in Glenfield on Auckland’s North Shore last Saturday. I was lucky enough to head along with some of my lovely friends yesterday, and I’m still buzzing over 24 hours later!


The Cat Lounge itself is split into two parts; you enter into the main cafe itself, which is light and airy with sleek simple decor, if you’re into that – I don’t often notice the decor of where I’m eating, my mind is usually screaming FOOOOOOD. But on this visit my mind wasn’t even on food – it was solely focused on the cats we were there to see! The cats are kept in a room next to the main cafe, for food hygiene regulations, although once you order food and drinks at the counter, you can choose to take them next door into the cat lounge itself. The prices are all very reasonable, both for the food and the $10 cover charge for entry to the Cat Lounge itself. I ordered a chocolate caramel slice and a cold drink, and obviously took it straight through to see the cats next door – I wasn’t wasting any time. If you’re wondering, the food was yum! Although I kept forgetting to actually eat, I was a bit preoccupied.

The cat lounge itself couldn’t be more purrrfect. There are so many different areas for the cats to play, and you can choose to either sit back and watch the cats do their thing, or find a willing feline to make friends with. The number of people allowed in at any one time is limited, so it’s not too crowded, making sure everyone gets quality cat time. You can also tell that a lot is being done to look after the cat’s welfare, with a room for them to escape to when they’ve had enough human-time (if someone knows how I can get one of those rooms, please let me know).

12115793_10153204895831778_8692842674123641994_n 12246651_10153747901737250_3473624861490998819_n 12208508_10153205575051778_8346007050633357380_n

Back when they had their Kickstarter campaign to help fund the Cat Lounge’s creation I so wanted to buy the option to name one of their cats, and I was going to name it after my baby cat Bear who died at only 3 – in two weeks it will be one year since he died. Unfortunately at the time of the Kickstarter I was moving house so it wasn’t the right time for a feline investment. Fast forward to my visit yesterday, and we get into the room, and before long this little cutie had approached me and let me pick him up. He then proceeded to sleep in my lap for the next 50 minutes, and just generally be the cutest little kitten ever. Near the end of our time we got talking to Mike, one of the awesome creators, and we find out that my new little best friend’s name is Bear. That’s what his foster mum had named him before he went to live at the Cat Lounge. I had to try so hard not to cry (may have cried a little). I’m not really a spiritual or religious person but I struggle to believe this was a coincidence- it’s not the first time I think Bear has sent a companion of the cat-kind my way!

So now for what you’re probably waiting for – to find out more including the location, hours and how to book (bookings are essential on busy days like Saturdays) check out their website here. And did I mention there’s FREE WIFI? What more could you want? I’m definitely going to be back again as soon as possible, and am going to look at investing in a VIP pass.

If you decide to head along, I’d love to hear how your visit went! Or maybe you’ve got an angel-pet looking out for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts – leave a comment down below!

And just because – here’s some photos of Bear. He was one in a million and I miss him so much, but now I have another little furry friend to go and visit to remind me of him. 

10616132_10152408666821778_6902015478926335295_n  10613143_10152478073031778_1926943307039170564_n

Minty Marble / my study setup!

Hello again! I’m sorry it’s been a while! Tech issues and a funny little thing called my career have kept me away from my blog for much longer than I would’ve liked.

Fun fact! I work in the education sector, and a big part of my job is recruiting for one of the best schools in the country (totally not bragging 😉 just selling my school like I’m s’posed to!). It’s been keeping me super busy lately, recruiting teachers for the upcoming school year, and this has meant I’ve had to do a bit of work at home in the evenings and weekends. Can you see where this is going? This was the perfect excuse for me to spruce up my home office area! Because it’s so much better doing work in an area that makes your eyes happy.

I was inspired big-time by the pastel + marble trend that’s huge for this Spring/Summer. Luckily for me, two of my favourite stores (AKA money pits) have jumped on board with these looks, and I was able to create exactly the type of space I had in mind.


You know what’s next – what I got, and where I got it from!

  • Grey casual chair – Kmart
  • Mint throw – The Warehouse
  • White moon chair – The Warehouse
  • Grey sheepskin – The Warehouse
  • White trestle desk with tablet holder – The Warehouse

11202868_10153189721441778_7699962058724538915_n (1)     desk goodies

  • Mint desk fan – Kmart
  • Layla white + rose gold headphones – Frends
  • Marble cross – Kmart
  • White prism-shaped LED light – The Warehouse
  • Mint skull candle – The Warehouse
  • Succulent – this was a generous unexpected gift from some of my beautiful friends! They picked extremely well. Not only have I managed NOT to kill this plant, it’s actually grown since I got it! HA! I feel so accomplished.
  • Marble geometric tealight holder – Kmart
  • White desk lamp – Kmart
  • Storage box – The Warehouse
  • Marble house-shaped doorstop – Kmart

And that’s it! There’s not a lot in our study at the moment, although I’m searching for the right sofa bed to go in there as well, for extra guest-space. I also need to sort out some wall art, but I’m undecided on what would suit the room! Do you have any suggestions? What’s our little office missing? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

x Zo

p.s. I promise not to leave it so long between posts next time! Big thanks to the lovely ladies (and man!!!) who encouraged me to get my A into G and get back into posting! You know who you are 😉

Our monochrome bedroom / I promise not to make any ’50 Shades’ puns


One of the best parts of moving into a new house has been the chance to start ‘fresh’ with our home decor – quite literally, as the curtains, wall colour and carpets here are all nice neutral shades. Our old house was a small 1950’s bungalow, and came with many ‘funky’ 50’s elements. I’m all for vintage, I love the character it brings to a home – but our old house didn’t have the kind of character I wanted to work with. The wallpaper in our bedroom was a fantastic shade of what can only be described as ‘tinned cat food’ – with gold specks mixed through, as though the gold was going to make it classy.

So when we moved into our new house, I was over the moon to have a neutral canvas to work with. And that neutral colour palette ended up giving me the basis for our master bedroom’s colour scheme. The carpet was grey, walls white, and curtains black. And while I’ve never previously been much of a fan of black for home decor (excluding my 2005 Emo phase as a 13 year old), the simplicity and class of monochrome has really grown on me. There are some great pieces of monochrome home decor out there in the market at the moment, particularly at places like Kmart and The Warehouse, and that’s helped me to see that you can use black without it turning the room gloomy!

My biggest fear was that the room would look dark and depressing, but in the process of decorating I’ve discovered a few tips for keeping monochrome looking clean and classy – rather than reverting to Dracula chic.


  • Stick to sharp lines, and avoid too much  billowy, draped fabric – the geometric trend is great for this!
  • Balance all your black out with a decent amount of white – I definitely wouldn’t like this room as much if the walls weren’t white, which gives a great contrast.
  • Pick your spaces – sadly this won’t work quite as well in every room. If you’ve got a dark, small room, it’s more likely that the black will take the room over. If this is the case but you have your heart set on monochrome, I’d keep most of the bedding and furniture white and grey, with smaller black accents.
  • If you have a cat/dog/chinchilla, keep them off your black bedding at all costs. Or invest in a lint roller. Given that the first tip is going to be impossible, just buy a lint roller. They’re like 4 bucks.

Of course, I don’t pretend to actually know what I’m talking about – these aren’t hard and fast rules. What should you do? Whatever you want! But these are a few guidelines that I’ve found to work for me, as someone who was originally hesitant to bring black into the bedroom (that sounds like some weird euphemism. It’s not.).

Now if you’re feeling inspired and would like to recreate anything that you’ve seen here, good news! Everything that you see here was a bargain, and should still be available in NZ stores (and some things in Aussie stores too, for you lucky folks across the ditch earning more and finding snakes in your ceilings). Below is a full product list!


  • Patterned flannelette sheets – Kmart
  • Dexter duvet cover – Kmart
  • White European cushions + covers – Kmart
  • Grey + white cushion, black + white cross cushion – The Warehouse
  • Grey floor cushion (currently in use as cat throne) – The Warehouse
  • Grey sheepskin throw – The Warehouse
  • Black + white geometric lanterns (above window) – Kmart
  • Cat – a stray from the streets of West Auckland, who decided to adopt us 😛 meet Millie! Not to be confused with her younger identical cousin, Ellie.

IMG_6442     IMG_6440

  • White side table – Kmart
  • Acrylic ball lamp base & black and white lampshade (sold separately) – Kmart
  • Black wire basket – Kmart
  • Grey floor cushion – The Warehouse
  • White bobble fur cushion – The Warehouse

IMG_6446     IMG_6447

  • Ladder shelving unit – Kmart
  • Crystal skull flask – eBay
  • Black + white vase – Kmart
  • Eiffel Tower ring holder – a little candle shop in Kings Cross, Sydney
  • Black star light – Kmart
  • White frame with a picture of my darling baby Bear in it, who died last November – The Warehouse
  • Black geometric storage boxes – Kmart

Voila! What did you think? Have I tempted you to try out monochrome in your own space, or have you already? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Let me know in the comments down below 🙂



How to anger the Auckland weather gods, in one easy step / Our outdoor area!

If you live in Auckland, as I do, you may have noticed the last few weeks have been extra crap in the weather department (if you’re not familiar with the Weather Department, it’s down the dark end of the hallway, right past the Traffic Department and the Crazy People with Megaphones and/or Bibles on the Corner of Queen Street Department). It can’t just be me who’s noticed, can it? Humour me here.

I have a confession to make. It was me. I angered the Weather Department. All I did was spend a few hundred dollars on outdoor furniture and accessories at Kmart. I went in, with visions in my head of how great our deck area was going to look, and I came out with lots of goodies, and an Eftpos card that has started to melt from overuse. Anyone who’s spent more than a day in Auckland knows that all you need to do to make sure the weather turns to crap, is plan an activity that requires nice weather – or buy something new, that you’re excited about using when the sun is out. Bam. Instant rain.

For the first time in my furniture assembly adventures, I had my partner and our friend there to help carry stuff up the stairs – which has got to be the most annoying part of buying new furniture. But I still did all the assembly, because everyone knows that’s the best part.

IMG_6422edit  IMG_6410edit

And thus, we hit a milestone. This here home decor post is my first post to feature 100% Kmart goodness! Everything you see in the picture is from big K.

  • Table + bench seats
  • Turquoise pattern cushions
  • Steel slingback chairs (from a few seasons ago though, I don’t think they’re sold anymore)
  • Turquoise metal lantern
  • Jar solar lights
  • Solar string lights

IMG_6414  IMG_6411edit

I love the little turquoise accents, they give the place such a nice summery feel. I haven’t quite finished this area. I’m dying to scrub the moss and mould off the deck as soon as the weather dries up enough for it, and I have great plans for the garden next to the deck too. Watch this space! But for now, it’s nice to have a decent spot to chill on the deck (and soon, the said chilling won’t involve actually chilling – brrrr!). Having drinks and a BBQ on the deck with friends is my absolute favourite part of summer – and this is going to be perfect for that.

Just a quick post tonight, as it’s a pretty small area! But as always, would love to hear your thoughts. Anything missing in this area that you think I need to add? (Our BBQ is there, but hiding!) What are you most looking forward to about summer? Let me know in the comments 🙂

My Hair Bible / making amends with yo’ ends!

11857522_10153046593461778_104869701_n (1)

I’m no hair expert – in my ‘day job’ I sit in an office dealing with the wacky world of human resources – that is recruiting staff, keeping them happy, keeping their bosses happy, keeping their bosses’ bosses happy, and making sure they fill out the right forms (HR is really much more complicated and interesting than that, honestly :P). But alongside being born with a birthmark on my arm that kind of looks like New Zealand (legend has it, in a previous life I caught the North Island alongside Maui himself), I was also born with super thick hair. Because it’s hard to manage thick hair on a small human who enjoys rolling in mud and putting marmite on her face (I was trying my first face mask), my mum decided that up until age 13 I wasn’t allowed hair much longer than a bob. I hated it. I forever envied girls with long hair. I very rarely gave my Barbies haircuts, because if I wasn’t allowed to have long hair, at least I could live through them.

11910814_10153046584161778_491979332_n           11857522_10153046593461778_104869701_n (1)

So thus as I grew up and my somewhat-NZ-shaped birthmark faded slightly, I became obsessed with growing my hair as long as I possibly could. Now that I’ve stopped rolling in mud and putting marmite on my face, I’ve managed to grow my hair to a few inches above my butt.  It takes a bit of care, but it’s worth it to look and feel like a mermaid. I get asked a lot about how I do it, and honestly, patience is key – but I’ve discovered a few handy hints along the way to keep hair looking healthy and stop breakage as much as possible. I hope you find some of these tips useful!

For the products below, click on their picture to find out where I bought them from (in NZ). 


Good shampoo and conditioner –and when washing hair, leave conditioner in for a minute or so before rinsing out. This gives the conditioner more time to do its thang. We don’t all have the budget for salon brands, so go for the best that you can, within your budget. I love the Organix range that you can get at Countdown, I use the Macadamia Oil one. At just under $20 each for shampoo and conditioner, they’re not as cheap as other supermarket brands, but they’re sulfate free and super nourishing.

microfibre towel

Microfiber towel – I use one from Kmart, from memory it was something like $5 – and found in the haircare section, not with the normal towels. You can also get them from places like Bed Bath and Beyond, though. The fabric of normal bath towels is rough on your hair, creating friction, which causes frizz (gah) and breakage (GAH!). Microfibre also apparently is quicker at drying (I never towel dry my hair with a regular towel, so it’s hard for me to say) – which means less time spent rubbing your hair with the towel – which makes the process even gentler! I’ve also heard though that drying your hair with a cotton t-shirt can have the same benefits – have a look at this great explanation here.


Tangle Teezer – before  I bought one, I was a bit skeptical about how much a bit of plastic would change my hair. But as soon as I tried it for the first time, I was completely converted! Seriously, it’s like nothing I’ve ever brushed my hair with. So gentle, which is especially important if you’re plagued (or um, blessed) with thick hurr like me. It’s also great if your Significant Other owns a convertible and you go on spontaneous drives with the roof down, and forget a hair tie/hat and you come back from the drive with one giant dreadlock for hair. This baby makes it less painful to untangle the said dreadlock!

morrocan oil       HELLO-HAIR-FRONT-TRANPARENT-FA_1024x1024 hsuan-375x375

Hair masks – my favourites are the Restorative Hair Mask by Moroccanoil, the Hydrating Mask by Hello Hair and the H’suan Wen Hua mask by Lush. Masks are great because you can chuck them on, forget about them for  a little bit while you do something productive or eat your body weight in pretzels while watching The Walking Dead, and then wash off! For bonus points, I use a face mask at the same time and feel so damn efficient, before I question why I couldn’t use my time that efficiently while I was a uni student.

babyliss_pro_argan_oil_100ml (1)Eleven11

A good hair oil/serum – the way I see it, there’s no point in using a hair mask, then washing your hair with decent shampoo and conditioner, if you’re not going to follow up with a good hair oil or serum after it’s washed. I love smoothing Argan Oil or the Miracle Hair treatment by Eleven into my hair while it’s still damp. This helps with detangling, and also helps to restore some of the moisture and natural oils that are removed when you wash your hair. I particularly love Miracle Hair as it’s an all-in-one product that’s well, a bit of a miracle – pun intended.

pretty ties

Fabric hair ties are the BOMB DIGGITY. I use the Pretty Ties brand, and they are so kind to my hair, they deserve a medal. Or like a humanitarian award or something. Hair-manatarian. The soft fabric doesn’t snag or dig into your hair, leaving it dented like other hair ties do when you take them out. They don’t have any metal bits either, which also prevents snagging. AND best of all it’s damn near impossible to break or snap these, WHERE MY LONG THICK HAIR BUDDIES AT? You know my struggle. Just ask the graveyard of snapped hairties in my bedside drawer.


Sleeping on a satin pillowcase – or a silk one, if you’re a little bit ballin’ – I have a cheap satin pillowcase from Bed Bath and Beyond, and it’s done wonders for my hair. As well as stopping friction between your locks and the pillow while you sleep, stopping breakage and tangling, satin will also not absorb moisture like standard cotton pillowcases would – keeping that moisture in your hair where it’s needed! The (significantly) more expensive silk pillowcases carry these benefits too, and more, since they’re made from natural fibres rather than synthetic, like satin is. I’m yet to try a silk one though, due to the price! Maybe it’ll go on a future birthday wishlist 😉

Anything that doesn’t involve buying stuff? Yes!!

As hard as it is – especially if you’re addicted to straightening your hair, your hair will thank you for using as little heat as possible on it. That means yes, less heat-styling with straighteners and curling irons. Embrace your natural hair texture – because we all know that nearly every single straight-haired girl wants curly hair, and nearly every curly-haired girl wants straight hair! Someone out there wants YOUR HAIR. If you absolutely can’t go without straightening, look into Keratin straightening options near you, with a reputable hairdresser. Obviously, this is a semi-permanent, intense treatment and will take some toll on your hair – I have done some research into this but not enough to claim to be an expert. But if you’re a daily GHD-culprit, long term this could cause less damage than your every day option. If you swing the other way and love having wavy/curly hair, there are some amazing heat-free tutorials to create that kind of look on Pinterest. I’m going to give some of these tutorials a go in the future, so keep an eye out!

Another tip that will probably make you cringe – try to wash your hair less! Overwashing strips your hair of its natural oils – so bye bye to shininess, and hello to a greater chance of your hair being brittle and breaking.  I know, I can’t handle having even slightly greasy hair either. But try to reeeally stretch how many days you can go between washes – and think about whether your whole hair is in need of a wash, or if you can get away with just washing your fringe/bangs in the meantime. Keeping your bangs off your face will help prolong this – there are tonnes of tutorials out there for cute fringe braids and other ways of clipping it off your face. This is also something I’m keen to try in the future, so look out for that in a future post too.


And… the one that I don’t follow, but can’t be denied – the importance of getting your hair trimmed! Split ends are split, and dead, and sadly that is that. Despite trying a few products I still haven’t personally found a miracle product that actually mends my split ends. By all means if you have, please let me know in the comments! But the way I see it, the damage is done, and those ends are never, ever, ever, getting back together. Like, ever. I just deal with mine, because they aren’t that bad. But sometimes you need to bite the bullet and just have them trimmed off.

Voila! You made it to the end! You deserve a medal. I hope you weren’t put off by the long post, but I really wanted to detail everything I’ve found that works for me – because the same thing won’t work for everyone, but hopefully you were able to find at least one or two pointers that will help you, if not more. Do you currently use any of these products/tips? Found some new ones here that you want to try? Orrr have I missed something out? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below xx

Our Dining Room / how to humiliate yourself at Kmart in one easy step


When we moved into our new place, one of the first thoughts we had was, HEY – WE ACTUALLY HAVE ENOUGH ROOM FOR A  PROPER DINING SETUP! We were pretty stoked at the concept – even though my boyfriend and I are awful typical Gen Y-ers and dinner is always eaten in front of the computer watching Netflix, or even worse, in front of my work laptop getting some work done after hours. So the theory was, getting a proper dining table would encourage us to eat at the table more often. It’s been two weeks and we are still yet to have a meal at the table. Oh well. IT WILL HAPPEN. At the moment the table is mostly serving as a place to put all the annoying letters that come from insurance and the Government, etc, until we really have to deal with them.

But! What matters most, is that it looks pretty dang classy. If I do say so myself. And something that will come as no surprise whatsoever to you if you’ve read my past two posts, is that most of the stuff is from glorious KMART. You’re probably wondering,  is everything that you own from Kmart? Well, dear hypothetical reader, no – I also have stuff from The Warehouse. I’m very high brow.

I wanted to keep the colour scheme similar to what I’d done in the lounge, with turquoise accents and white furniture. In a phenomenon that I am labelling K-fate (K·fate; noun – 1. finding exactly what you want in Kmart that you didn’t realise you wanted or needed before you saw itI spotted this dining table in Kmart, and fell in love with it there and then. But the path of true love never did run smooth, and the table – which is 1.2m wide, didn’t quite fit in my two-door Honda Integra. I only realised this fact after the super helpful stockroom guy at my local Kmart helped me carry the box to the car. We tried removing all the packaging, and so I’m chilling in the Kmart carpark trying to stop the giant cardboard box and polystyrene from blowing away while the guy tried to get the table in my car, but nope. No dice. There are tourists watching us now. It becomes clear that my boot isn’t going to shut with the table inside. I’m mentally going through the list of people I know to figure out who might have a big car or a trailer who could come save my ass at Kmart, when the guy suggests that Kmart might sell something to tie my boot shut with, so I could make the trip home. Back in to Kmart we go, because I just can’t stay away, no matter how hard I try. One $3 bungy cord later, and we are ready for liftoff/ready to drive my slightly embarrassed ass home.

That’s enough tales of me stumbling through life for one post. Want to see the room already?

dining room lounge facing        flowers on table

  • The dining table is from Kmart, but you already know that.
  • The chairs are exactly identical to ones that are being sold at Kmart, but I got these off Trade Me because I couldn’t find them in stock in any Kmarts near me.
  • The placemats and blue bowl are from Kmart.
  • This will shock you, but the turquoise vase, decanter and salt and pepper shakers are also from Kmart.

dining room kitchen facing        side table

  • The black mirror on the wall is from Kmart. Sorry not sorry.
  • The console table is from The Warehouse, and if you saw my lounge post, might notice it matches the coffee tables! (Matching is life)
  • The collection of owls is (left to right) from The Warehouse, and I think the other two are from Typo.
  • The chalkboard sign is from Kmart, and I want to write something on it in chalk – but I don’t know what! I’m not good with words (so obviously choosing to blog was a great choice).
  • The turquoise candles were a gift from my mummy! No idea where she got them.
  • The hurricane candle vase holder white thing with holes in it was originally the solar hurricane lantern from Kmart – but I took the solar panel off the top to put a candle inside. I’m not good at following instructions. I should probably mention that the box told me specifically not to do that, maybe it hasn’t been heat tested for candles, so please don’t try this at home/it’s not my fault if you do it and die sorry please don’t die I like you. But I only use it with a very small candle when I’m close nearby to keep an eye on it and carefully check if anything’s getting too hot.
  • The Delorean model car is a present I bought back from Sydney for my boyfriend, and I got it from a cute little model shop in the Strand Arcade in the Sydney CBD.
  • The gold and white vase is from Kikki K and the tulips inside it are from Kmart.
  • The lightbox is from Kmart, complete with a message from my lovely friends who came over a few weeks ago, to catch up and have some of my “famous” (not my words! buuuut I guess if the shoe fits) Oreo Cheesecake – hence the cute message.
  • The vodka and sunglasses are from the photographer’s personal collection 😉

And that wraps up another room! Hope you found this post interesting, and got a few ideas, if you’re looking to decorate a similar space. Am I the only one who’s managed to make a knob out of myself at Kmart? Have any stories of your own, to make me feel better? Have anything to say at all? If so, I’d love to hear it down below in the comments! 🙂 Otherwise, I’ll see you again soon! The next home decor post I’ll be doing is probably going to feature our deck/garden area that I’ve just finished, but I’d like to start mixing it up a bit too. So my next post is going to feature my favourite tips for growing long, healthy hair! Keep your eyes peeled.

Our Guest Bedroom / My love affair with copper/rose gold!


One of the best parts about moving into a new house has definitely been having more SPACE! I love it. Our new house has one more bedroom than our last did, so as soon as we started planning to move I started planning for a guest bedroom.

If you know me, you might know how weird I am. (“And if you don’t know, now you know”Christopher Wallace, AKA Biggie Smalls). I had planned out exactly what was going in every corner of the house – based on my 5 minute viewing of the house before we applied for it. The same goes for the spare room – but I remember it being a lot smaller! Hence the single bed. I toss and turn and night (that’s a lie) thinking that we could have fit a double bed in that space, but by the time I figured that out, I’d already bought a single bed and all the bedding. Ahh well. At least the single bed leaves so much room for activities.


I’m a lost cause, having wandered down the path of addiction. Addiction to rose gold and copper. Kmart is my enabler. If you’re a big fan of K-to-the-mart like I am, you’ve probably seen the various copper decor pieces they’re stocking. If you’re a really big fan, like I am, this is Stan, you’ll know that a lot of these pieces are super hard to get your paws on – always selling out. This room has pretty much become a museum of all the copper + rose gold pieces I looked for so many times, before finally finding them. Woe betide anyone who ever suggests I change up the colour scheme in the future. Not an option.

love white bedding, and felt it would really make the metallic accents in the room pop (whenever I read the word pop in my head I SHOUT IT. POP!). I think the taupe accents add a bit of warmth, too – especially because they literally are made of fluff and fluff is warm. It’s science.

So without further ado, here’s a full product list!

IMG_6350     IMG_6349

  • The bed frame (and mattress) are from The Warehouse, and not sorry for bragging because I assembled it ALL BY MYSELF. The instructions told me I needed 2 people and at least 2m by 2m of clear space. I had one person and not that much space. I called the instructions Jon Snow because they knew nothing. I also got them both half-price. I deserved this brag.
  • The quilt, pillows, sheets and dot cushions are all from Kmart. I originally bought the pink cushion, although I wanted the white one instead but they didn’t have it in stock. Until last weekend. Now I have both, and I can’t bring myself to banish the pink off the bed because it was there first. I need help.
  • The throw at the end of the bed and the cream cushion are from The Warehouse, and they up the room’s fluff quota significantly. Fluff is important.
  • The white fluffy rug on the ground is from Kmart and whenever anyone walks on it I get heart palpitations because have you tried cleaning a white fluffy rug? I still love it though.
  • The side table is a barstool from Kmart.
  • On the side table is the Copper Geometric Candle Holder from Kmart, that is never in stock. So naturally, when I saw these fully stocked at my local store, I bought four. As you do. Because that’s normal. I’m contemplating doing a giveaway of one of these on here soon – what do you think? If you’re keen, let me know in the comments!
  • My little boxer dog with a crown guarding the side table is from The Warehouse. Isn’t he cute?
  • The copper lantern and pink ceramic vases on the windowsill are both from The Warehouse.
  • The laughter print on the wall is from Kmart. Photos don’t do it justice but the lettering is metallic copper.


  • The ladder shelves are from Kmart and I wasn’t sure about putting them in here, I originally just wanted white furniture. These were from our old house and I nearly gave them away, but figured, eh, the spare room has black curtains. ‘Spose it can have black shelves too. (obviously some highly technical design theory at work here).
  • The copper clock is from Kmart. I’m considering moving it into my kitchen which also has a copper and white theme – keep an eye out for that in a future post!
  • The tealight holders are from The Warehouse. I’m obsessed with the colour!
  • The Japanese doll is probably one of my most precious posessions. She’s a Hakata doll that my mum bought for me when we both went on an exchange trip to Fukuoka for my school in 2004. Even age the age of 12 I was a cat freak, as you can probably guess, by my mum’s choice. Fun fact, I used to know Japanese (loosely) back then, and so I called her Yubina, which translates to elegant.


  • The copper basket is from Kmart, and I was so excited to finally find it in stock that I nearly repeated what I did with the copper candle holder, and bought multiple. But I didn’t. So much self-control. I’m proud.
  • On the wall is the most expensive piece of decor in the whole house. So I gave it its own wall. It’s a business degree, or something like that. I find it’s really great to curl up in front of, rocking in the foetal position, whenever I get the annual letter with my student loan balance.

Another room down! Hope you enjoyed this post, and found some inspiration if you’re looking to decorate your own space. I didn’t realise until writing this that literally 99% of the things in here are from Kmart or The Warehouse. But hopefully this just proves that you really don’t need to spend a lot to make a space that you love! Just like you don’t have to buy four of the same item, just because it’s the first time you’ve seen the item in stock. Ahem. Next time, if all goes well, I’ll have our finished dining area to show you!

What do you think of our guest room? Do you have any weaknesses, like copper is for me? I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments! 

Confessions of a Kmart-addict / my little nest

At the risk of sounding like a tv show host, hello, and welcome! Thank you for coming here to read my first ever words on this here blog.

My partner and I recently moved into a new house, with beautiful open spaces and lots of light. The big move inspired me to give our furniture and home decor an update – cue lots of trips to Kmart and The Warehouse, and a lot of flat-pack furniture assembly. Because I’ve had lots of lovely people commenting on our decor and asking where I got things, I thought I’d share in detail how I’ve decorated our new place. It’ll be room-by-room, mainly because there are stiiiiill boxes to unpack and I’m still putting finishing touches on some parts of the house. (I’m sorry but if you move house and don’t still have at least one box hiding in a cupboard three months later that still needs unpacking, you’re probably lying).

Because it’s probably my favourite room (and the only room I’m actually finished decorating) I thought I’d show you our lounge today – or at least half of it! It’s a lot bigger than I remember it being when I first saw our house, and so half of it is still pretty empty (because I forgot it existed and didn’t buy any furniture for it..heh..). We’re on the lookout for the perfect dining table, and once we find it, I’ll be turning the other half into a dining area.


I love how light and airy the lounge is, owing to the high ceilings! We already had the lounge suite and blue cushions at our old house, but the rest of the furniture was dark. I thought the new lounge really needed light furniture, hence all the white! Kept the rest of the colours nice and fresh too – with blues, and hints of green. It’s made such a peaceful space to sit and relax in, watching the trees outside. I can’t wait ’til warmer weather when I keep the ranch slider open leading to the deck outside. Indoor-outdoor flow is gonna be on point. 😉

Now for what you’re probably wanting to know, if you’ve seen something you like!

  • The lounge suite was from PK Furniture, a few years ago. It’s NZ-made and when I moved out of my mum’s house, it didn’t fit down the narrow staircase. So we had to drop it off the deck and hope for the best. 2 stories. Onto concrete. There were tears. I stood there, dangling the couch over the balcony, calling out ‘MUUUUUM I’M SCARED’ and she was in the driveway calling back ‘It’s okay! You don’t have to do this! You can just leave the couches here and we can buy you new ones!’ It was very dramatic. But then I did it. IT SURVIVED, pretty much unscathed. Buy NZ Made!!! Seriously.
  • The rug was from The Warehouse, and it is the most divine thing that your toes will ever feel. So soft!
  • The knitted ottoman is also a Warehouse find! I love the funky green.
  • The nesting coffee tables… also The Warehouse. Are you sensing a theme? Kmart also have similar ones that are smaller and cost less.
  • The cushions on the three-seater couch are from The Warehouse, and the cushion on the smaller couch is from Kmart. (Huzzah! Variety!!)
  • The throw is a mohair throw from Kmart. So nice to curl up with in front of TV!
  • The TV cabinet is from a seller on Trade Me called (For any readers outside NZ, Trade Me is like New Zealand’s version of eBay.)
  • The TV? We saw it fall off the back of a truck, and picked it up, plugged it in, gave it a kick and it worked. The picture displays upside down, but it’s easy to get used to if you sit upside down on the couch. I’m kidding. I got it crazy cheap from Harvey Norman in their Black Friday sales last year.

2015-07-24 17.45.52

  • The plant in the geometric pot is from Kmart.
  • The little fox geometric candle is from The Warehouse – way too cute to burn!
  • The white wolf figurine is a Pop action figure, of Ghost from Game of Thrones. I got it from Armageddon in Auckland last year but I know you can buy them online too.
  • The skull decanter is from Aliexpress but I’ve seem them at places like Look Sharp too.
  • The mini terrarium is from Typo. I can’t wait to make my own – keep an eye out for that in a future post!
  • The noughts and crosses set is from Kmart.
  • The lava lamp is from Mitre 10 Mega.

2015-07-24 17.47.54 2015-07-24 17.49.27

  • The turquoise basket is from Kmart, as is the fox pillowcase! Which may or may not have been from the kids section, and is one of my favourite purchases ever.
  • The ‘Get Up, Hug Cat…’ cushion is from and has sadly been retired! I love their website though, and am planning to order some more witty cat-related things from there soon.
  • The mini succulent garden is from Kmart. I love Kmart for artificial plants! They look so realistic – my friends were over last night and commented on how real it looks. I’m looking for real plants to have inside, but on the coffee table where little naughty kittens like to climb, it’s safer to have something un-spillable and un-killable.
  • The silver tray is from Kmart, and I also have a matching bowl. I love serving snacks to guests in the *matching* bowl, it really makes me feel like I have my life together. Ah, matchingness.
  • My Ser Pounce poster (another Game of Thrones reference hehehe) is from
  • The white ceramic star thingy whatsits are from The Warehouse! I think they might be my favourite ornament in the room.

That’s it! Our lounge. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and thanks for reading this far! Bonus points if you spotted the Ellie monster, my little grey kitten (who you will hear a whooooole lot more about). Please bear with me while I learn how to do this thing where you put words together and call it a blog. Next I’ll be showing off the spare bedroom!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts! On this room, on the blog so far, on your day, on politics (no, not really, please not politics). I’m currently searching for an epic piece of artwork to go where my Ser Pounce poster is! Something that really does justice to the massive wall space, possibly in shades of blue and green. I’ve been eyeing up a few prints on Society6 but haven’t decided. I’d be stoked to hear your ideas – please leave them down below in ze comments!